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Plankton Wallet

The Artificial Intelligence-powered ecosystem that connects you
to the stock market with virtual assets.


Safeguard your assets, convert currencies, make SPEI payments and transfer to other users all from one place.


Join our dynamic program and safely grow your money with our high-frequency algorithm.


Buy or sell virtual assets with just a couple of clicks. Your transactions are backed by a reliable platform.

How does it work?

Our ecosystem is based on the acquisition and custody of virtual assets for trading on the New York Stock Exchange, where the largest stock exchange in the world is concentrated.

Our exclusive High Speed Data Analysis (HSDA) algorithm identifies the biggest market discrepancy between the buying and selling of the same stock, while High Frequency Trading (HFT) technology carries out thousands of daily transactions, generating a commission for each trade.

Our way

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Strategic alliances


The service is extraordinary.

A pleasant experience as a new user in this ecosystem, I have received almost personalized advice.

Plankton has been easy to handle. I have been pleased to be able to do my operations with clarity.

The platform is easy to use and best of all the benefits generated.

Very accessible to use, I can see how my account is evolving and the advice is quite good.

Start today and
maximize your


Right now

Opening balance

From $5,000 USD


Choose according to balance


6 month fixed plan


Goes monthly to original currency

Transfer via SPEI available for Mexican Bank Accounts in Pesos.

For transfers to other countries outside Mexico, please contact us directly.